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Why buy Supreme pet foods? 

Supreme provide the best quality foods and have a clear commitment to sustainability and the environment, doing everything they can to minimise the impact on the world around the animals that live in it - including humans!


  • Invests in veterinary education to help further understanding of the needs of small pets.
  • Are experts in veterinary medicine and nutritionists are involved in the formulation of Supreme recipes.
  • Foods are for vegetarian pets are made in dedicated vegetarian facilities and we only use the finest natural ingredients.
  • Do not use ingredients, such as palm oil, that might harm the environment or other animal species.
  • Use only the very finest natural ingredients, and don't need to add any unhealthy sugars to make their foods taste great.
  • Support pet rescues and charities and provide educational materials to help pets owners understand how to best care for their furry friends.