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VETAFARM Ectotherm Booster 100mL

When reptiles are sick, stressed, or injured they may lose their appetite and require extra nutrition to prevent further decline in health. Booster has been formulated by veterinarians to help deliver the energy, vitamins, and essential amino acids necessary for recovery.
One of the most common consequences of stress, injury, or illness in reptiles is the loss of appetite. In addition to already being unwell, struggling to eat can have further detrimental effects to an animal’s health and interfere with their recovery. Therefore, a highly palatable, nutritious food is required to aid in the stimulation of natural appetite and to ensure that they are receiving the much-needed nutrients for survival.

Vetafarm have developed Ectotherm Booster, containing Tasmanian Mutton-bird Oil, a highly palatable energy source, and balanced vitamins and essential amino acids. This formula is rich in the nutrients need for recovery. In addition to being used as a critical care aid, Ectotherm Booster can be used to help stimulate fussy and juvenile reptiles to eat.

Booster can be given orally via feeding tube, syringe or mixed into food. For best results, warm the dose to the animal's body temperature before administration.