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SRPM Kangaroo Marrow Bone 4pk


Kangaroo Marrow Bones

Recreational raw bone suitable if the pet is a gentle chewer, weight-bearing bones (femur) can be fed with amounts of meat still attached for entertainment. Good choice for saving the bone to make a bone broth.. Supervision is recommended while the pet is eating and chewing to prevent possible injuries. Can cause fractures to teeth and the jaw if the pet is an aggressive chewer.

Bones should be feed to fur companions raw and fresh. Dogs and Cats should NEVER be fed cooked bones as they can be a hazard to their health and have poor nutritional value.

100% free of Preservatives & Chemicals
NO added Colours, Flavours and Fillers
Local Great Southern Meat

Our Aim is to make feeding your pet fresh, healthy, quality raw meat convenient and affordable.