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SoS Aquarium Scaper's Soil Normal 10L

School of Scape Aquarium Scaper’s Soil

A high-quality substrate is integral in providing vital nutrients for lush plant growth while balancing water properties by decreasing the hardness/pH to optimal levels for aquatic plants, shrimps, and most tropical fish.

Scaper’s soil is specially formulated to have a perfect level of nutrients for an Aquascape. Specially sieved to remove as much floating debris and specially prepared to clear up faster than existing market brands.

•Product Highlights•

*No Rinsing Required* - inhibits cloudy water by actively absorbing impurities
*Low Ammonia Release* - promotes and accelerates beneficial bacteria growth
*Durability* - Pellets don’t crumble easily and hence less chance for compaction, allowing for longer use in an aquarium
*Optimal for fish and shrimp* - suitable for all freshwater inhabitants such as tropical fish and shrimp that prefers slightly acidic aquarium water.
*Designed for planted aquariums* - Granule composition and size provide optimal oxygen exchange and rich nutrients for aquatic plants.

•How to use•
1. Pave your aquarium with unwashed Aquarium Soil.
2. Use instrument of choice to level the surface of Aquarium soil.
3. Pour water gently to minimise stirring up the substrate. Put a dish to lessen impact.
4. When planting aquatic plants, have the water level and soil level to ease the process of planting.
5. After planting is completed, fill up the rest of the tank using the above-mentioned method.
6. If the water is cloudy, do not worry as it will become clear shortly after running your filter.

10L of aquarium soil will fill 60cmx30cmx6cm in volume


• Avoid mixing other products that enhances pH or GH
• The water quality controlling effect of aquarium soil will decrease with time.
• Recommended to increase water changes at the beginning of introducing new aquarium soil or inhabitants.
• When releasing inhabitants into a new aquarium, please do it gradually and steadily. This gives them enough time to adjust to the new environment.
• As it is a natural product, some foreign materials such as small wood chips may be found.