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SoS Aquarium Scaper's Soil Extra Fine 10L

School of Scape Aquarium Scaper’s Soil

A high-quality substrate is integral in providing vital nutrients for lush plant growth while balancing water properties by decreasing the hardness/pH to optimal levels for aquatic plants, shrimps, and most tropical fish.

Scaper’s soil is specially formulated to have a perfect level of nutrients for an Aquascape. Specially sieved to remove as much floating debris and specially prepared to clear up faster than existing market brands.

•Product Highlights•

*No Rinsing Required* - inhibits cloudy water by actively absorbing impurities
*Low Ammonia Release* - promotes and accelerates beneficial bacteria growth
*Durability* - Pellets don’t crumble easily and hence less chance for compaction, allowing for longer use in an aquarium
*Optimal for fish and shrimp* - suitable for all freshwater inhabitants such as tropical fish and shrimp that prefers slightly acidic aquarium water.
*Designed for planted aquariums* - Granule composition and size provide optimal oxygen exchange and rich nutrients for aquatic plants.