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Microclimate Heat Mat 30w 572x305mm 22x12in

This heatmat can be used to in many different applications where a gentle heat is required and is ideal for heating your pets vivarium.

Heating your pets environment should be designed to allow a warm and cool area within the vivarium this allows for a natural habitat to be obtained for your pet. We recommend the heat mat to be no larger than half the floor space of the vivarium.

Microclimate heat mats are designed to run continuously and if installed following our instructions will run for many years.

Microclimate heat mats strongly recommend the use of a thermostat to control the temperature within the vivarium. In an average room the temperature can vary considerably this in turn affects the temperature within the vivarium without a thermostat to control the temperature your pet may not have the correct environment for its wellbeing. Heat mats are compatible with all types of thermostat i.e. on/off, dimmers and pulse proportional.