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Kirameki Premium Spirulina Koi Mini Pellet 1kg

Ocean Free Kirameki Premium Spirulina Koi Mini 1Kg
The Ocean Free Kirameki Premium Spirulina Large Pellet is a Koi feed developed to excel in all seasons and functions. This revolutionary feed is bio-formulated to boost health, growth and the beauty of your Koi. Only the finest ingredients are uséd to ensure that your Koi receives nutrition of the highest quality.

Naturally colour enhancing spirulina enriched feed.
Enriched with OF® Optima, a thoroughly tested Protein Linker, which links the Protein to the fish’s enzymatic cells to increase the digestibility and absorbability by 30% and a Phenotypic Metabolic Enhancer that enhances Food Conversion Ratio (FCR), boosts growth, improves health, and reduces mortality, thus giving your Koi a true measure of extra protection against sickness and disease.
Fortifies immune system, for better health and extra resistance against sickness and viral diseases.
Enhances growth through superior digestive performance.
No artificial or chemical colouring, natural colours only.
Rich with natural ingredients that will help bring out and maintain your Koi’s colour.
Does not cloud your pond water.
Premium Wheat Germ, Rice, Fish Meal, Prawn Meal, Yeast, Wheat Flour, Full Fat Soy, Hipo Soy Bean Meal, Squid Liver Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Fish Oil, Oleic Oil, DCP, Sodium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Inositol, Betaine, Vitamin Premix, Mineral Premix, Amino Acid and OF® Optima

Feeding Instructions:
The amount of feed that the Koi can consume within 5 minutes is usually accepted as an accurate indicator for sufficient feeding. Do not overfeed. Kindly adhere to the recommended feeding instructions in accordance to the seasons.