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BERMUDA Fountain Pump 3000

Bermuda Fountain pumps are compact and versatile and capable of creating decorative fountains, supplying water features or small filters.
The model can also supply water features or small filters as well as a fountain, as they come with a flow regulator.
The foam free filter casing ensures low maintenance and the longest possible periods between cleaning.

Supplied with two fountain head choices (bell jet and the tiered jet), also come with a foam jet head.
Choise of hose connections if you are running hose directly from the pump (see chart below).

Adjustable flow - includes T piece which also takes 12mm and 20mm hose.
Complete with 10 Metres of cable
Should be ran 24 hours a day
Handle for lifting in and out of the water
Highly Insulated and Waterproof
High Performance Impeller Design
Built in Overcurrent and Overheat Protection
Simple to Use and Maintain
Super Quiet Performance
Instruction & Maintenance Manual Supplied
Flow Rate: 3000 Lph
Max Head: 2.8m
Power: 55W
Fountain Heads: 3
Hose Sizes: 20mm / 25mm
Dimensions: 289 x 149 x 177mm