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Aqua One PremiumNood Ceramic Noodles 640g - 09581

Sintered glass media
Unique shape ensures an even distribution of water travelling through a filtration system
Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials and processes
High porous media
Includes FREE netting bag
Suitable for up to 90L
Suitable for canister, internal and wet dry filters
Suitable for cold water, tropical and marine tanks
Designed to distribute water flow

Aqua One PremiumNood is a uniquely shaped Sintered Glass Media that can be used in all types of filtration systems, pressurised canister filters, hang on filters, internal filters and wet/dry filters just to name a few. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Aqua One PremiumNood's unique shape ensures water travelling through your filtration system is channeled in all different directions. This optimises all of the filter media by distributing the waste and preventing patches of media becoming clogged. It is a premium filter media specially manufactured to be extremely porous. Subjected to extremely high temperatures, thousands of tunnels are created through it. These tunnels allow beneficial nitrifying bacteria that break down toxins naturally produced within a closed aquatic system to colonise in high numbers. Pollutants like ammonia and nitrite are broken down and converted into nitrate which is less toxic to your aquatic pets and is easily removed with regular water changes. The larger the surface area the quicker the bacteria can reproduce and remove pollutants from your aquarium.

Ammonia and nitrite rob aquarium water of oxygen. Consequently leading to changes in other water parameters, placing your fish under stress, and increasing the risk of disease outbreaks.

Prevention is better than cure. Treating sick fish can be a difficult and expensive experience. Setting your filtration system up correctly and maintaining it along with regular water changes and a varied diet is the key to a successful aquarium. You fish will display their best colours and allow you to enjoy them, which is what owning an aquarium is all about.